Cosplay Feet

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Cosplay Feet
Cosplay Feet
€13.99 €19.99

Cosplay Feet explores a sexy blend of costumes and foot fetishism.


I’ve got a friend I’ve known for a few years who works in video game advertising and he told me a few months back that while video games have always been a big industry, over the last 5 years, it’s experienced explosive growth. Everyone’s playing video games nowadays – we just can’t get enough! This trend is probably good news to places like Cosplay Feet: their material is all about ladies dressing up in cute outfits mimicking characters from movies, TV shows, video games and comic books.

Fabrizio – the photographer behind the site – states that he loves the cosplay twist on foot fetishism and enjoys both nylon-clad, as well as barefoot babes in front of his lens. I’ve given myself an hour or so to log in, take a look around and decide whether or not I like what I see: if you’d like to know more about Cosplay Feet, read on for my full review!


It’s always important to have a site that regularly updates with content: it seems that a new piece of material comes out of the member’s area of Cosplay once a week, although it does alternative between a video and photo set of the same shoot, so realistically, it’s two updates a month that you’re getting here – not exactly perfect, but far better than nothing. Header navigation consists of quite a few links around to various places, such as the highest voted material, model indexes, custom content shooting information and even a shop. I like the shop idea: if you see a pair of pantyhose or shoes you like the look of from a scene, these guys let you buy it from them. I think most dudes into feet and nylon stockings will love this feature – it doesn’t break the bank either, prices are more than reasonable.

I counted up all the content that I could from Cosplay Feet: there are currently 125+ photo sets and 110+ videos, all of which are 100% exclusive to the member’s area of this site. Quality for the clips is in the right place: you can download or stream all releases via an MP4 in a 1080p format although sadly, no smaller resolutions are provided. Images are also chunky, owing to their 5184 x 3456 pixel resolution. You get around 80 to 100 photos per update and videos last around 7 minutes on average. Objectively, what’s available here isn’t too shabby.

What you’ll find in the media released here is a lot of sexy European – primary Italian – girls in a range of sexy outfits dancing around, teasing the camera and showing off their gorgeous feet. There’s a costume filter that lets you pick from cosplays such as Little Red Riding Hood, Tomb Raider, Superwoman and more general stuff like a schoolgirl and fairy. I think it’s a good idea to make it quite clear that this isn’t really a porn site, per se – I sampled a lot of content and none of it had the girls stripping down naked or masturbating: it’s all about the feet and appreciating them. Scenes can either contain nylon stockings, knee-length socks or nothing at all: it varies from shoot to shoot and keeps things interesting. This site is clearly designed for guys that love feet and don’t need anything else to get them going.


Lots of the Italian goddesses featured on Cosplay Feet are really sexy, and the outfits used are fun. The primary selling point here is the focus on the feet, so if that isn’t your cup of tea – well, why the hell have you read this far into the review? The site could do with updating a little more frequently, but given that it’s quite a narrow niche and there is, as far as I know, zero competition – I can’t complain too much. Overall, a nice place with plenty going for it: I’d recommend taking a look at the tour and if you like what you see, grab a membership.

A nice idea to put an interesting spin on adult videos and photos devoted to hot European girls and their gorgeous feet. With our discount deal, this is a pretty good offer.

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Cosplay Feet explores a sexy blend of costumes and foot fetishism.
€13.99 €19.99
8.5 Total Score
Cosplay Feet explores a sexy blend of costumes and foot fetishism.

If you're addicted to feet and wouldn't mind some fun cosplay mixed in for good measure, there are very few choices out there, and fewer still that can rival what's offered by Cosplay Feet. High definition videos, attractive models and zipped photo sets are just a few reasons why I give this place my seal of approval.

  • Nice range of cosplay outfits
  • Sexy Italian foot models
  • Used stockings for sale in store
  • Fast download servers
  • Only two monthly updates
  • Videos offered in just one format
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