Petra Feet

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Petra Feet
Petra Feet
€13.99 €19.99

Petra's sexy Italian feet are bound to drive nylon lovers crazy!


I’ve reviewed thousands of sites over the years, and I’m always surprised when I come across new stuff – especially places such as Petra Feet. See, this site is all about a single girl, Petra, and her addiction to creating foot fetish videos and pictures. So what does she go ahead and do? Builds her own website! That’s right: this is a solo girl membership opportunity, but the material is 100% focused around feet. This girl promises top-tier tootsie material, regular updates and even weekly webcam shows: it sounds fantastic, but what’s the execution like? To find out, keep reading as I head inside to write up a full review of Petra Feet.


One of the major issues with solo girl websites is that you run the risk of running out of content: some ladies just get tired or want to move on to bigger and better things, so they stop releasing material. It’s always important to work out whether or not a place still updates, and the good news at Petra Feet is that there have been around two updates per week here since Petra began first uploading in 2014. That’s pretty incredible, and I have to give full credit to this girl – it’s not easy to continue doing this type of thing for such a long period of time. What’s quite cool is that Petra also lets you order custom content: submit an order form and you’ll get a quote for your very own foot fetish fantasy to become a reality.

I did a content count here on Petra Feet and found 75+ videos alongside 300+ photo sets. Starting off with the movies, you’ll be able to either download or stream a 1080p HD MP4 format video, with the average clip lasting anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes in length. There’s a good range of action going on in Petra’s videos, including smoking in a car with her pantyhose-clad feet hanging out the window, someone tickling her with an electric toothbrush barefoot and quite a few duo scenes with a pretty girl who looks just like Petra. Turns out quite a few Italian girls love teasing with their feet!

On to the images, and you’ll find that most sets contain around 40 to 50 pictures per release. Quality is very high: all 10 sample sets I downloaded via the zip files contained 5184 x 3456 pixel photographs – far better quality than what 90% of the sites out there in the adult world support. Much of the action in the videos was also observed in the photo sets: you’ll see toe sucking, pantyhose teasing and lingerie duets with other gorgeous women from Italy. I don’t think any of Petra’s material goes to the point of masturbation – there are a few shoots where she’s topless, but that seems to be as far as she’ll take it. This girl is pretty strict on her policy of focusing on her sexy feet.

Petra’s quite a sexy girl: she seems mature but at the same time, fun-loving and innocent. She has an interest in teasing guys with her feet and after watching an interview she has up, it’s obvious this isn’t some short-term thing. All of her blog entries are sadly written in Italian, but Chrome’s auto translate was enough for me to get the gist of each submission. She also shares some real amateur, iPhone-level pictures of her feet in these posts – worth taking a look at.


Considering this girl has updated for 4 years and seems to really love her job, the decision of whether or not to join basically comes down to whether or not you find her attractive and want to have just a single source of your foot fetish material. Italians will love this site, as will guys that can appreciate European beauty: it’s a good opportunity and with our discount offer, you’re getting quite a deal if you do decide to join.

Fingers (and toes) crossed that Petra continues to update for many more years to come. She’s the queen of European nylon entertainment – that’s just a fact.

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Petra's sexy Italian feet are bound to drive nylon lovers crazy!
€13.99 €19.99
8.9 Total Score
Petra's sexy Italian feet are bound to drive nylon lovers crazy!

The simple facts here are that Petra's site has updated multiple times on a weekly basis for over 4 years and still continues to offer new, fresh and enjoyable foot-focused adult entertainment. The qualities are great and this Italian goddess has a clear passion for sharing her perfect European feet with the world.

  • Gorgeous and committed model
  • Regular content updates
  • Can order custom content
  • Decent-sized photo library
  • Full 1080p HD videos
  • Blog posts are in Italian
  • One single video format
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