Tiny 4K

$17.95 $29.95
Tiny 4K
Tiny 4K
$17.95 $29.95

A top-tier contender for the title of 'Best Petite Porn Site'.


I’m sure I wouldn’t surprise many of my regular readers to learn that I’ve been reviewing porn sites for many years now, and I remember back in the day when I worked at another place and Tiny 4K had just been launched. It had just 12 scenes back then, but I was optimistic for the future, stating that I believed it would be one of the best petite porn sites in future years. I feel a great sense of pleasure knowing that I’m going to find out right now if my prediction was correct, as it’s time to write a full, thorough review of Tiny 4K. Keep reading if you want to know what’s inside the member’s area!


Before getting into the meat of the review, I will quickly mention that when you do join Tiny 4K, you’re given the option to upgrade your account to platinum access for a one-time, flat fee. In exchange for this fee, you get unrestricted access to a dozen sites including Holed, Lubed, Passion HD, Spy Fam and more. I think it’s a great deal, so definitely consider it if you’re a bit of a porn addict. Anyhow, back to Tiny 4K: I’m pleased to see that new updates are added here on a weekly basis and it has maintained that schedule since it first published scenes in May of 2014. The site doesn’t have many advanced features, but it does have model profiles, a ‘favorites’ function and sort useful scene sorting options. So far, so good for Tiny 4K.

Currently, Tiny 4K’s content archive consists of 230+ scenes, all of which are 100% exclusive to the operation. These petite porn releases are a combination of a full length video (averaging 30 minutes in length) and a photo set containing exactly 50 images. I’m a big believer in quality, which is why I’ve always loved the fact that Tiny 4K allows you to download their clips in 4K, 1080p and 720p formats, with the latter two also offered via an embedded MP4 stream. Pictures vary in size slightly, but a good estimation is 1500 x 1000 pixels. The download servers are really fast and capped my network at 5 MB/s – you can also grab all of the photographs via a convenient zip file.

Now it’s all well and good having a nice site and 4K quality videos for people to watch, but is the content actually any good? I downloaded 5 different videos and streamed a few while I waited: I loved every second of my time watching these tiny teens bouncing on top of thick cocks in the name of pleasure. The action is almost always unprotected vanilla sex, but the guys can be a bit rough with the girls and often, they’re picked up and banged mid-air to showcase just how petite they are. The girls are always happy and I wouldn’t be surprised if half of them had orgasms on set: the noises they make would certainly suggest that to be the case! Oh, and if you’re interested in big-ticket pornstars, you’ll be pleased to find out that Piper Perri, Janice Griffith, Elsa Jean, Dakota Skye and Maddy Rose all have scenes inside Tiny 4K’s member’s area.


Men can talk shop about the type of women they like and while some pretend they prefer meat on their bones, I think we all know deep down inside that picking up a tiny girl and throwing her around while you fuck her senseless is the ultimate fantasy. I’ve had my fair share of small ladies and I’m so glad that this place exists for me to relive all the fun things you can do with pint-sized cuties. I think I’ve made my case here already: if you’re down for porn starring petite babes who love big cock, get a membership today.

The first time I visited Tiny 4K, I was interested. The second time I visited Tiny 4K, I was impressed. The third time I visited Tiny 4K, I was in love.

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A top-tier contender for the title of 'Best Petite Porn Site'.
$17.95 $29.95
9 Total Score
A top-tier contender for the title of 'Best Petite Porn Site'.

When you've got girls as petite as this and you're putting them in front of big dicks and 4K quality cameras, you can bet your bottom dollar that something magical is going to happen. The exclusive porn you find inside Tiny 4K is a cut above what the so-called 'competition' can offer.

  • Updates on a weekly basis
  • Great array of petite pornstars
  • Fantastic discount deal on offer
  • Offers 1080p and 4K quality videos
  • No written model biographies
  • One or two non-petite scenes
  • Adverts inside member's area
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